Being able to share your passion and knowledge about your industry and help students grow through education is one of the great rewards of working in education. But let's be honest, working in education is a challenge: keeping up to date with changes to legislation, standards and regulators is more than a full time job, and if you are new to the industry it may seem impossible to find your way through. This is why RTO Doctor was created; to help you navigate your way through the red tape, set up systems and processes that allow you to focus on the core of your business, training, up skilling, changing and sometimes saving lives.

At RTO Doctor we have over 30 years experience working in every facet of the education sector and we continue to grow our capability so that we have the right people to help you grow yours. If you are considering starting a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), need some help with auditing, rectification or just want someone available to answer your questions and provide you with guidance without the run around, RTO Doctor is your answer.

Although we may be based in Perth, our Consultants and Founding Director travel and work Australia wide and internationally. So whether you are in India, Malaysia, Singapore or China, bustling Sydney CBD, sunny Queensland, outback Alice Springs or west where we call home, we can help you with all your compliance, quality and educational needs.

RTO Doctor is an Australian owned company, registered with the Department of Commerce in Western Australia. RTO Doctor was born from the encouragement of many supporters in the international education industry across Australia who believed that there was a lack of quality Consultants available to assist providers in establishing, growing & managing their business.


To be the first choice amongst Consultants across Australia in the area of education and training. Our clients will be recognised as leaders and providers of excellence in their respective fields.


RTO Doctor's Capability Statement

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Meet the Doctors

Find out more about Founding Director, Raelene Bartlett

Find out more about Document Design Specialist Carolyn Chalmer



In my previous capacity as PEO of a recognised RTO, I had the pleasure of working with Raelene Bartlett throughout a CRICOS re-registration.

In my professional opinion, Raelene has extremely high level sector knowledge, and an understanding of policy and legislation that see her as an invaluable resource. In an industry as heavily regulated as Education, compliance is a cornerstone of success.

Sean Tuhakaraina
Former PEO of [RTO Details Withheld]

For more information please call 0408 144 002

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