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Hi Raelene,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much for all of your loving support & guidance over the last week. Closing an RTO is one of the most stressful experiences I have been through in my ten years as a successful small business owner. I don't know what would have happened if you weren't there every step of the way to ensure that this paper work nightmare was compliant.

I wish I met you when I first started my RTO & was my advisor from the beginning as the last six years would have been far less stressful. 

As a niche specialist who has mastered her craft & loves teaching others to follow their passion its my dream job, but wrapping my head around the never ending changing policies of ASQA is definitely not for the faint hearted.

One of the best lessons Ive learnt from this experience is to get the best advisors possible as the wrong advice can cost you thousands of dollars & also leave you feeling lost & confused. 

Raelene you are a superstar & a working maniac that doesn't stop until the job is done! I love your commitment to your clients xxx

Your number one RTO fan

Michelle Merrifield
Essence of Living

South West School of Phlebotomy

It has been an incredible journey this last year, I would just like to thank you for making the impossible a reality.

Without you, changing the history in Pathology collection would not have been possible. You have developed a course that is second to none and I will take great pride in delivering this to my future students.

The industry and public can only benefit from the outcome that can now be delivered.

Again thank you and I look forward to working with you as we complete the next chapter of history in the making" The Diploma"

Carolann Law
Director, South West School of Phlebotomy

Skill Ease Training & Indigenous Support Services

Early in 2012, Skill Ease Training & Indigenous Support Services was successful in receiving course accreditation for 52479WA – Certificate III in Indigenous Personal and Workforce Development.

The achievement would not have been accomplished if it was not for the hard work and expertise of consultant Raelene Bartlett from RTO Doctor.

As a result, Aboriginal people now have the opportunity to engage in meaningful training and pathways to employment sustainability.

The long journey travelled will cultivate a better and brighter future, for that I am most grateful, thank you.

Amanda Nissen
Managing Director

Centre for Professional and Personal Excellence Pty Ltd

T/A Skill Ease Training and Indigenous Support Services

Australian College of Beauty Therapy

The RTO Doctor provided us with a new up to date comprehensive Compliant Management System that was easy to follow.  The templates provided in the kit were also easy to read and we were able to modify them to suit our industry and our terminology.

College of Innovation & Industry Skills

We have been using RTO Doctor to conduct internal audits and conduct PD sessions for our staff. We find the staff of RTO Doctor to be extremely knowledgeable and very approachable. All the staff have a can do attitude with no problem being too big or small.

Thanks RTO Doctor

- College of Innovation and Industry Skills -

RTO Name withheld

Raelene assisted our RTO for the preparation of our response to ASQA re-accreditation audit this July. We were really impressed with her industry knowledge and attention to detail. Within the limited time she had with us in our Melbourne office she did an excellent job of putting together our response documents. Our RTO is planning to use her in our CRICOS application for the Perth branch.

Name Withheld
Compliance Manager

Flowers Design School

I would thoroughly recommend the services of Raelene at RTO Doctor to any RTO seeking a professional consultant. I have always found Raelene to be a well informed person with great communication skills and an obvious passion to exceed service expectations. Raelene went above and beyond in her service delivery for our business and for me as a client, for which I am very grateful. Her knowledge and ability to provide logical tools and sound advise is second to none. I would without any hesitation recommend Raelene the RTO Doctor.

Jayne Endall


RTO Doctor provides a valuable service. Raelene was invaluable in helping us organise everything with our transition over to ASQA. Her dedication to educational quality and helping RTO's achieve high educational standards for their students is great to see. Thanks Raelene!

The team at AAOWT

Sunset Coast International English School

"Thank you Raelene for providing me with an exceptional level of support during your dealing with Sunset Coast International English School. The advice you gave made the entire process with the accreditation bodies so much easier. Your knowledge of the CRICOS compliance requirements is second to none and you have a knack of being able to make even the more difficult procedures seem simple."

Neil Butler
previously Director of Studies, Sunset Coast International English School (now GV English).

St John Ambulance WA

I have worked with a number of consultants over the years but RTO Doctor has been by far the best. The reasons are, the personalised service that she gave us and the flexibility that she showed in enabling us to meet industry requirements.
In my view the knowledge that she brings to the audit process is first class. She clearly understands the industry requirements and the related government legislations and she is able to apply this information to practical situations. Personally I learnt a great deal through the discussions that we had and the advice that she gave me.
On a personal note I found Raelene was someone who was willing and able to help with any inquiry that related to accreditation and compliance. Her support was very much appreciated.

Rathini Sonnadara
Training Operations Manager

Australian Vocational Training & Employment Group (AVTEG)

“Working on project assignment in India with Raelene from RTO Doctor was absolutely full on in gaining new knowledge, understanding to VET policy framework and how it leads to more RTO business. I personally admire her for attention to detail which is of utmost important in RTO world”.

Parampreet Singh
CEO / Managing Director

RTO Details Withheld

In my previous capacity as PEO of a recognised RTO, I had the pleasure of working with Raelene Bartlett throughout a CRICOS re-registration.
In my professional opinion, Raelene has extremely high level sector knowledge, and an understanding of policy and legislation that see her as an invaluable resource. In an industry as heavily regulated as Education, compliance is a cornerstone of success.

Sean Tuhakaraina
Former PEO of [RTO Details Withheld]

West Australian English College (WAEC)

Raelene’s abundant experiences in RTO/CRICOS registration and compliances areas as well as her reputation as being scrupulous about keeping high services standard will definitely make her the rising star in this industry. –

Richard CAO, CEO of Business Technology Institute of Australia.
Director of Marketing and Admission

Australian Workforce Training

“I was recommended to Raelene Bartlett (RTO Doctor) from a long standing friend in the Training industry just prior to our addition to scope.

I was informed that she would be of ‘tremendous benefit’ to our organisation as a consultant.

I can now look back on that call as one of the most important ones for our RTO as not only did we achieve our addition to scope but we have created a lifelong friendship.

In one instance during our scope addition Raelene was at a business lunch but still made the time to excuse herself from the table to speak with our RTO.

I am reluctant to recommend her services as we would like to keep her only for the chosen clients that currently use her outstanding, thorough and comprehensive services.

I can be contacted any time to discuss her credentials in the RTO consultancy field.”

Karl J Durham
CEO/Managing Director

Australia-International Institute of Workplace Training (AIWT)

The RTO Doctor, Raelene is professional and efficient with her approach. She was contracted to add on more courses to the current scope of registration and we, AIWT went through without any hiccups at all. Raelene knows her work very well and I have no problem in recommending Raelene to any other RTOs. Thank you for all you have done for us.

Tracy Teo
(MBA, MTD, PGDip.Soc.Sci (Dev Studies), B.Soc.Sci(Chd & Family Studies), Dip TAA, CELTA), AFAIM


Dear Raelene,

Congratulations on your business expansion and the wonderful new look of your website. 

It has been such a privileged journey to work with you and to be your client.

Six months ago I was about to give up my dream after having a negative experience with the wrong consultant.

The world of vocational education and training and registered training organisations is like traveling to a distant star for me so without someone to guide me throughout my quest I had no idea how to materialise what seemed to be a good idea. When I almost gave up, I said to myself: “give it one more chance before you say goodbye to your dream” and I started Googling the internet looking for a new consultant.

This quest resulted with a few nice and enlightening conversations with many consultants from all over our entire wide vast nation. RTO Doctor was one of my calls and the answers you gave me were not so different than the others gave me, but this time, somehow, I had a strong intuition that you were going to be good for me, and what a great choice and journey!!!

For many years I felt lost and confused with what now seems so clear thanks to you. In the few weeks after we sat together, I already knew things that I had never understood before despite having my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and engaging in endless conversations with my previous consultant that went nowhere. 

Working together, you and I set goals, ticking the boxes while moving forward. I can’t even count how many hours we spent talking about the meaning and the desired outcomes of my dream and vision until every aspect of this new venture was covered in depth.

Dear Raelene, your willingness to spend this time with me investigating the potential path, choosing carefully and thoughtfully allowed me to reconnect again to the higher meaning of my vision.

Not only are we now walking toward achieving the mission we also established a mutual trust that only good friends have.

Thank you Rae for believing in my vision and the support you are continuously giving me.

All the best wishes in achieving your dreams.

Anat Juran


Thank you Daniel for yesterday’s training session on developing assessments.

Every single participant has said that they learnt so much!  I think you covered the areas that were causing the most difficulty really well.  One word that I heard constantly afterwards was “brilliant”, not only in reference to the session but to you as a person as well.

I personally gained so much out of it so I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you. 

Hope we get to see you in at our RTO again soon!

Rebecca Radic
Training Coordinator
The Illawarra ITeC

Thorough & Meticulous Course Accreditation

Raelene provided excellent professional service in the submission of our accreditation document. Not only did she provide detailed advice (backed by thoroughly researched evidence) she also took special care in discovering comprehensive information about the subject matter of our qualification. This enabled her to provide sound guidance in the further development of our qualification.

Extra personal care was taken to ensure that we were happy with the work that was intermittently completed on a regular basis; often keeping in contact after hours to ensure our satisfaction. Raelene put systems into place and set deadlines so that we could also view the development of her work and be as engaged as possible in the process of getting the course accredited.

The work completed by Raelene (and RTO Doctor) was thorough and meticulous. Although she took on the responsibility of completing the agreed task, we were very much a part of the process, learning as time went on. She was open to our suggestions whilst also providing advice on compliance and best practice. After service communication has also been excellent and we have no hesitation in using RTO Doctor moving forward.

Australian Skills Development Institute

For more information please call 0408 144 002

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