Top 5 Compliance Tips To Rescue Your RTO

This book has been written to support providers with their implementation of the National Code 2018 from 1 January 2018 as well as assist non CRICOS providers to better understand some critical issues that they might be confronted with as a result of a national strategic review on international education intended for 2018.  Providers should also be reminded that critical changes around the ELICOS Standards 2018 area also due for implementation concurrently including that all VET English courses will now also come under the ELICOS Standards 2018.

The international education sector in Australia is the country’s third largest export generating over $A21.8 billion and supporting over 130,000 jobs.  The General Skilled Migration Program which is intricately linked through the Migration Act 1958 and through the ESOS Framework (Education Services for Overseas Students), Australia continues to provide education and training services to international students on a student visa...but at what cost?

For many providers in the international education industry, the regulatory landscape is becoming increasingly more complex by the day, and not just from an international and CRICOS perspective; the minimum requirements for maintaining registration as a provider are becoming increasingly more challenging also.  With recent changes to the National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students (National Code) recently released and due for implementation on 1 January 2018, the new ELICOS Standards 2018 to be implemented as well as a national strategic review planned for 2018 by regulators, Australia’s leading expert on RTO and CRICOS compliance describes the most common non-compliance areas for a CRICOS provider.

Packed with expert advice, examples and tips, this is a crucial read for all providers around the country, CRICOS or not!  With a special section devoted to a current focus by regulators on breaches of Section 8 of the ESOS Act 2000 also, associated discounts and promos, you can’t afford to not read this book!



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