RTO Doctor Submission – VET Reform Taskforce (April 2014)

18 May, 2014

We have provided a heavily edited version of our submission due to privacy and confidentiality issues but in our traditional approach to transparency and accountability, we are committed to sharing as much as possible with you regarding what we believe.

This submission is based on identifying what we see as some of the core issues that are currently plaguing (and destroying) our world-renowned system and proposes some suggestions for changing the status quo.  This submission intentionally provides an overview of the historical context of VET in Australia, what the purpose of VET appears to be in today’s economic market, discusses who might be the stakeholders of the VET sector currently and discuss the current perception of VET in Australia because typically, as is shown in the initial stages of our submission, history does have a habit of repeating itself in this sector.  Until these key concepts are clearly understood, there is little point in trying to improve the quality of VET.

There is discussion about the quality and inconsistency of auditing staff around the country and the impact that this has had on the VET sector and the impact it will continue to have if left unaddressed.  An area of significant concern to RTO Doctor is the discussion that needs to be held surrounding Industry Skills Councils, the Quality Assurance Panel of the now defunct National Skills Standards Council (NSSC) and the quality of the training packages that they are required to produce, continuously improve and endorse.

There is a discussion regarding the accountability and transparency of the complaints and appeals process being implemented by ASQA and a final discussion about the concept of de-regulation proposed by the current government as being the most appropriate way forward.  The report concludes with a summary of the RTO Doctor position on the reform taking place as well as summarises our recommendations (31) for an improved system that we can all be proud of.  We included reference to a range of LinkedIn discussions as well as provided the threads in the relevant appendices as supporting evidence for our recommendations.

It is a very lengthy report that was delivered directly to the VET Reform Taskforce email address as well as directly to Michael Read, Policy Adviser, Skills & Training for the Minister.

For the recommendations, click here…

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For the full report including appendices available for public viewing (edited to protect privacy and confidentiality), click here…

About The Author: Raelene Bartlett

As the Owner of RTO Doctor, nobody understands your business needs as much as Raelene does. Having spent over 15 years in the education and training industry in many roles, Raelene has had the privilege of working with a range of experts in the Schools, VET, ELICOS & Higher Education sectors as a private provider and a regulator. She has brought together all of her skills, experience & advice from CEO's to trainers to the students themselves to offer you and your business a truly amazing service, unique to the industry. It is this intricate integration of experience from every participant in the learning journey that separates us from our competitors.

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