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This is the RTO Doctor difference.

RTO Doctor has spent a lot of time trying to find resources that are available free for members of the RTO Doctor community and brought them to one easy to find place.  The idea is to make it easy to find them when they need them.

Raelene Bartlett, Founding Director



Early in 2012, Skill Ease Training & Indigenous Support Services was successful in receiving course accreditation for 52479WA – Certificate III in Indigenous Personal and Workforce Development.

The achievement would not have been accomplished if it was not for the hard work and expertise of consultant Raelene Bartlett from RTO Doctor.

As a result, Aboriginal people now have the opportunity to engage in meaningful training and pathways to employment sustainability.

The long journey travelled will cultivate a better and brighter future, for that I am most grateful, thank you.

Amanda Nissen
Managing Director

Centre for Professional and Personal Excellence Pty Ltd

T/A Skill Ease Training and Indigenous Support Services

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