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CHC & HLT Training Package Update

RTO Doctor is committed to ensuring that all providers have access to resources that will support and assist them to maintain compliance with the regulatory framework that they operate in.  As part of this process, we believe it is our duty to to provide any further updates regarding the CHC & HLT Training Package Release as part of an ongoing update service to the industry at large, free of charge.  All updates as they happen will be posted to this page, we encourage you to monitor it closely over the coming months and share it with your networks to ensure that as much as is possible, and within our power, no student is disadvantaged through this transition process.

It is unfortunate that this release which impacts so many stakeholders across the country in almost every industry area has been given so little forethought.  The consequences of this release and what has occurred over the past few days are massive and the NSSC, Industry Skills Councils & Regulators need to address this significant error as a matter of urgency.

Update 18 July 2013

The CSHISC has uploaded a PDF of a PowerPoint Presentation provided to the TAFE Early Childhood Conference / Workshop earlier this month.  The presentation provides the basic overview of what training packages are, as well as covers the new endorsement process.  The final slides provide questions but there are no answers on the PowerPoint presentation itself.  There's really nothing new in this presentation from what we already know.

On 9 July 2013, the CSHISC indicated on it's website that it is extending the deadline for the consultation process of draft 1 of the majority of the qualifications and units of competency in the CHC08 & HLT07 training packages.  This means that the ISC has had to revise its timeline as follows:

The following sectors and qualifications will be completed first, with an anticipated endorsement date of December 2014:

  • Selected Technicians & Health Support, including:
    • Audiometry
    • Anaesthetic Technology
    • Cardiac Technology
    • Health Administration
    • Medical Practice Assisting
    • Operating Theatre Support
    • Optical
    • Pathology
    • Pharmacy
    • Sterilisation Services
  • All Oral and Dental Health
  • All Complementary and Alternative Health
  • Selected Community Sector Development, including:
    • Community Development
    • Social Housing
    • Pastoral Care
    • Volunteering
    • Advocacy
  • Community Sector Coordination
  • All General Community Services
  • Selected Cross Sector Units

Reviewed by December 2015

The work being undertaken on the following sectors and qualifications will be put on hold until mid-2014 to allow activities in the sector to be finalised as they will impact on Training Package development.  It is anticipated these sectors will have an endorsement date of December 2015:

  • All Ambulance
  • All Nursing
  • All Client Services

Direct client care and support

The following sectors and qualifications have been identified as requiring significant change and extensive development work.  An additional twelve months is required to undertake this work to the level required by industry.  This review will run concurrently alongside the above two timelines, with an anticipated endorsement date of December 2015:

  • Aged Care
  • Home and Community Care
  • Disability
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Mental Health
  • Leisure and Health
  • Health Services Assistance
  • Nutrition/dietetic Assistance
  • Allied Health Assistance

Post December 2015

There are some Training Package qualifications and units that do not require imminent change or where there has been very low or no take up over a significant period of time.  In some cases, industry is unsure of the need for these qualifications.  The following qualifications will be reassessed post December 2015 to ascertain viability for ongoing development work:

  • Ancillary Services
  • Population Health
  • Cast Technology
  • Prosthetic/Orthotic Technology
  • Sleep Technology
  • Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology
  • Hyperbaric Technology
  • Mortuary Theatre Practice
  • Development/Humanitarian Assistance

A handout developed by the CSHISC outlining these timeframes can be located here.

It should be noted that on 11 July 2013, Version 1.1 of the CHC & HLT training packages was released on and the modification history within the CHC document states that there has been a 'Correction to links and mapping. Equivalent outcome'.  Undertaking a 'Compare Text' examination of the modifications, states 'Minor corrections to formatting to improve readability. Corrections to metadata, links and mapping'.  The HLT training package information states both in the document and on the compare text tool 'Minor corrections to formatting to improve readability. Corrections to metadata, links and mapping'.  RTO Doctor suggests that all providers affected should review their mapping to confirm that this new modification does not affect the transition work that they have already undertaken.

The CSHISC released its July 2013 newsletter recently and the follwoing is noted regarding the training package releases:

"Only selected Community Services qualifications have been updated and included in the new CHC Training Package in this round. These are Children’s Services; Education Support; Youth Work; Youth Justice; Child, Youth and Family Intervention.  For Health, the new HLT Training Package contains a suite of updated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker qualifications, as well as First Aid, Workplace Health and Safety, and Telehealth units of competency.  The updated qualifications supersede the Children’s Services and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker qualifications in the CHC08 v4 and HLT07 v5 Training Packages respectively, but do not impact on the other qualifications within CHC08 v4 and HLT07 v5."

"Transitional support on offer - CS&HISC will be holding a series of implementation workshops around the country from August to October to help the industry’s transition to the new qualifications.   The workshops will provide information about the new qualifications, units and assessment requirements.  Particular attention will be given to using the mapping tools from the current to new qualifications, and the process for transitioning existing students or those undertaking RPL.  Registrations are essential."

It should be noted that due to the interactive nature of the workshops, numbers are limited to 35 participants per session, with a limit of two participants per organisation and Melbourne (22 August) and Brisbane (29 August) registrations have already closed.  For registration details visit the CSHISC website.

Health (HLT) & Community Services (CHC) Training Packages Release


Released to July 2, 2013

•         Tuesday morning 2 July 2013 - CHC released, all qualifications and units superseded, HLT units within CHC such as first aid and WHS released with CHC

•         Tuesday evening 2 July 2013 - HLT released, HLT and HLT07 listed as current

•         Wednesday morning 3 July 2013 - CHC08 superseded status reversed, select qualifications and units superseded

•         Wednesday afternoon 3 July 2013 - First aid and Work Health and Safety units superseded status rescinded (dual current status for HLTFA & HLTAID and HLTWHS units)

Current advice from the Community Services & Health Industry Skills Council (CSHISC)

•         CHC08 & CHC 1.0 will run concurrently for the next 18-24 months

•         HLT07 & HLT 1.0 will run concurrently for the next 18-24 months

•         A communication will be released next week from CSHISC with an outline of the expected timeframe for remaining qualification roll outs, these roll outs will go through to the end of 2015, when the full training package will be complete (as per advice from CSHISC, Aged Care is not anticipated to be endorsed until end 2015)

•         Qualifications should continue to be issued with the units listed within the qualification guides, not with the latest units available unless available as electives

Transitions and Teach Outs

“New qualification: a new qualification or a new version of a previously endorsed qualification”- ASQA, Transition and Teach Out General Directions

“When assessing compliance with SNR 14.1, ASQA will consider the ‘overarching principle’ that an RTO must deliver the current (endorsed or accredited) training product to a student, unless the student would be genuinely disadvantaged in undertaking that product.”- ASQA Teach Out Process FAQ.

Previously, no two training packages have run concurrently, therefore legislation and advice from ASQA was provided on the basis that new qualifications would automatically supersede.

No current advice or recommendations are available from state or national regulators.

What this means for providers:

  • Delivering full qualifications
    • Providers delivering qualifications in the areas listed below are required to start preparing resources and assessments to apply for transition to scope with the new units and qualifications as per HLT and CHC 1.0
      • Children’s Services
      • Education Support
      • Youth Work
      • Youth Justice
      • Child, Youth and Family Intervention
      • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers
    • Providers delivering qualifications which have not been superseded but contain first aid and/or WHS units as core within the qualification (Aged Care, Nursing, Disability, Alternative Health, Naturopathy, etc.)
      • Qualifications must be delivered as per qualification guides, as such currently endorsed CHC08/HLT07 units must be delivered.  E.g. CHCWHS312A, HLTWHS300A, HLTFA311A, HLTFA412A etc.
  • Delivering individual units of competency including First Aid
    • Since HLTFA* and the like units are all still listed as current on, providers should not be required to transition, however, legislation is unclear and ASQA/TAC/VRQA are yet to rule on transition requirements.
    • RTO’s are required to deliver the latest versions of units and both HLT and CHC Implementation guides clearly indicate that units have been released which supersede First Aid and WHS units.
    • Best practice recommends that RTO’s prepare resources and assessments for addition to scope to deliver new HLT and CHC units where available

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