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What does your website say about you?

We've all seen those providers that offer cheap, quick courses with one off gifts such as iPads and laptops. While there is nothing wrong with providing students with resources to support their training, incentives such as discussed above can be dangerous as a marketing strategy. 

RTO Doctor provides a range of resources below to help providers ensure that their website is compliant. In addition, Raelene Bartlett, Founding Director will be running a webinar in conjunction with VELG on Monday, June 23rd on website compliance

VET FEE HELP Provider Application Guide

NRT Logo Specifications

ASQA Strategic Review on RTO Marketing Practices

National ELICOS Standards

National Standards for Foundation Programs

ESOS Framework Fact Sheet

National Code 2007, Part D, Standard 1 - Marketing Information and practices

National Code 2007, Part D, Standard 3 - Formalisation of enrolment


National Code 2007, Part D, Standard 5 - Younger Students

You can also find out about our Comprehensive Website Audit



I have worked with a number of consultants over the years but RTO Doctor has been by far the best. The reasons are, the personalised service that she gave us and the flexibility that she showed in enabling us to meet industry requirements.
In my view the knowledge that she brings to the audit process is first class. She clearly understands the industry requirements and the related government legislation and she is able to apply this information to practical situations. Personally I learnt a great deal through the discussions that we had and the advice that she gave me.
On a personal note I found Raelene was someone who was willing and able to help with any inquiry that related to accreditation and compliance. Her support was very much appreciated.

Rathini Sonnadara
Training Operations Manager

For more information please call 0408 144 002

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