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In a world as dynamic and rapidly changing as the VET & international education sectors, sometimes it can be difficult to help staff stay on top of their professional development needs.

A quality education and training provider will demonstrate best practice and a quality business by investing in its own resources and developing them to enhance their knowledge, experience & skills.

Investing in professional development for your staff brings many benefits to your business & its performance including:

  • Ensuring that staff skills remain current and enhanced;
  • Development of new skills;
  • Maintaining currency of industry expertise and/or competency (especially for trainers & assessors);
  • Staying abreast of industry trends;
  • Brings new ideas;
  • Provides networking opportunities;
  • Encourages staff satisfaction

Why not try RTO Doctor’s Online Training Courses for your professional development needs?

AQTF 2010 Online Training

Many business owners are concerned that if they invest in developing their staff, the staff member may move on before the business has had an opportunity to benefit from the investment. In my experience in today’s business world however, staff are generally looking for stable, steady employment where they feel valued and their employer has confidence in their abilities.  They want to feel that they can add value to your business and help you achieve your business goals.  Help them to help you, invest in them & your business today.

No matter what regularity your professional development needs are (monthly, quarterly, annually), RTO Doctor can help you.  Why not try our Online Training Portal or alternatively, contact us today to help your organisation:

  • Establish a Professional Development Calendar
  • Provide Workshops in areas including:
    • PRISMS Training
    • AQTF Compliance
    • National Code Compliance
    • Student Support Services
    • Customer Service
    • Management
    • Evidence & Data Collection
  • Training & Assessment
  • Educational Resource Development

If RTO Doctor cannot directly provide you with the professional development that you & your staff need, we will find it for you.

Talk to us today about how we can assist you in investing in your staff.

RTO Doctor has a significant network that you can access to assist in meeting your Human Resource needs.

Many previous clients, employees, graduates & industry colleagues contact RTO Doctor on a regular basis looking for employment or, looking to fill employment vacancies in their RTO’s. From Administration staff to Trainers & Assessors, Course Coordinators, Senior Management, PEO’s and more.

RTO Doctor can often help put you in touch with the right staff to fill the role you need. Where RTO Doctor cannot assist with its own network, it can assist your RTO to recruit & induct the right people into your organisation.

Contact Us today to find out more.

RTO Doctor makes this process easier for you by assisting you to get through the registration process and, where desired by you, can assist you in maintaining compliance with your registration requirements. We can undertake every aspect of the registration process for you or in conjunction with you, depending on your needs and how you would prefer to work.

For all RTO registrations with RTO Doctor, we will complete the initial application working right through to the final registration for basic RTO registration and, where relevant, "CRICOS registration." We work in all States & Territories providing all the paperwork required for the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), the Training & Accreditation Council (Western Australia) or the Victorian Registration & Qualifications Authority (VRQA).




RTO Doctor provides a valuable service. Raelene was invaluable in helping us organise everything with our transition over to ASQA. Her dedication to educational quality and helping RTO's achieve high educational standards for their students is great to see. Thanks Raelene!

The team at AAOWT

For more information please call 0408 144 002

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