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Do you have a dream?  How can we make it a reality?  Some people have brilliant ideas and want to convert them into reality.  They want to be able to transfer their niche, specialty area into a nationally recognised qualification or course to be able to change the industry that they work in forever, leaving an indelible mark on the future. 

RTO Doctor has a lot of experience in the area of course accreditation and we are ready to make your dream come alive...are you?



Dear Raelene,

Congratulations on your business expansion and the wonderful new look of your website. 

It has been such a privileged journey to work with you and to be your client.

Six months ago I was about to give up my dream after having a negative experience with the wrong consultant.

The world of vocational education and training and registered training organisations is like traveling to a distant star for me so without someone to guide me throughout my quest I had no idea how to materialise what seemed to be a good idea. When I almost gave up, I said to myself: “give it one more chance before you say goodbye to your dream” and I started Googling the internet looking for a new consultant.

This quest resulted with a few nice and enlightening conversations with many consultants from all over our entire wide vast nation. RTO Doctor was one of my calls and the answers you gave me were not so different than the others gave me, but this time, somehow, I had a strong intuition that you were going to be good for me, and what a great choice and journey!!!

For many years I felt lost and confused with what now seems so clear thanks to you. In the few weeks after we sat together, I already knew things that I had never understood before despite having my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and engaging in endless conversations with my previous consultant that went nowhere. 

Working together, you and I set goals, ticking the boxes while moving forward. I can’t even count how many hours we spent talking about the meaning and the desired outcomes of my dream and vision until every aspect of this new venture was covered in depth.

Dear Raelene, your willingness to spend this time with me investigating the potential path, choosing carefully and thoughtfully allowed me to reconnect again to the higher meaning of my vision.

Not only are we now walking toward achieving the mission we also established a mutual trust that only good friends have.

Thank you Rae for believing in my vision and the support you are continuously giving me.

All the best wishes in achieving your dreams.

Anat Juran

For more information please call 0408 144 002

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