We develop resources that are fully customised for YOUR organisation RTO Doctor has over 15 years experience in developing educational resources for clients from all backgrounds. For an obligation free online demonstration, contact us today!

Why choose our resources?

  • Fully editable in doc format
  • Contextualised to your industry and delivery mode
  • Fully compliant to the standards
  • Tailored with your logo
  • Payment plans are available

Resources developed include:

  • Learning & Assessment Strategies
  • Assessment Tools & Marking Guides
  • Results Sheets
  • Workplace Assessment & Suitability Statements
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Session Plans
  • Mapping Guides
  • Learner Guides
  • Observation Checklists
  • Knowledge Based Tests
  • Practical Assessments with Competency Conversations
  • RPL Kits

Read one of our case studies..

RTO "Company ABC" has the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care on scope with 18 units. They currently put through approximately 250 students per year and pay $15 per unit per student, this equates to  $270 per student for resources or $67,500 per year. In addition, the RTO has had to invest around 3 weeks for two trainers to gap fill assessments and create compliant mapping guides. This means that the RTO has invested over $80,000 in creating student training and assessment materials that they can’t even change! RTO "Company ABC" decided to invest with RTO Doctor and have custom made materials developed, they chose a long term payment plan and scheduled delivery of the units to suit their budget with a gradual changeover to the new materials. The trainers love that they can now make quick and easy changes to assessment instructions, update legislation, or make changes when students are struggling with assessments. In addition, their trainers have remained out in the field with students rather than in a classroom re-writing assessments. Finally, the RTO now has materials that they can easily adapt when updates to units come out, creating a long term savings of thousands of dollars.

We've developed resources for registration in the following industry areas and qualifications:

  • Community Services Training Package (CHC02, CHC08, CHC)
  • Health Services Training Package (HLT02, HLT07, HLT)
  • Hospitality, Tourism & Events Training Package (THH02, THT02, SIT07, SIT12)
  • Automotive Industry Retail Service and Repair Training Package (AUR05, AUR12)
  • Business Services Training Package (BSB01, BSB07, BSB)
  • Metals & Engineering Training Package (MEM05)
  • Hairdressing Training Package (WRH06, SIH11)
  • Construction, Plumbing & Services Training Package (BCG03, CPC08)
  • Financial Services Training Package (FNS04, FNS10)
  • Printing & Graphic Arts Training Package (ICP05, ICP10)
  • Property Services Training Package (PRS03, CPP07)
  • Resources & Infrastructure Industry Training Package (RII09, RII)
  • Floristry Training Package (WRF04, SFL10)
  • Beauty Training Package (WRB04, SIB10)
  • Retail Services Training Package (SIR07)
  • Training & Assessment, Training & Education Training Packages (TAA04, TAE10)
  • Transport & Logistics Training Package (TLI07, TLI10)
  • Course in Applied Vocational Study Skills (51844, 52313)
  • Certificate I, II, & III of General Education for Adults (21772VIC, 21773VIC, 21774VIC)
  • Vocational Graduate Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (39200QLD)
  • Vocational Graduate Diploma of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (39201QLD)
  • Textiles, Clothing and Footwear Training Package (LMT07)
  • Food Processing Training Package (FDF10)
  • Australian Meat Industry Training Package (MTM11)

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“Working on project assignment in India with Raelene from RTO Doctor was absolutely full on in gaining new knowledge, understanding to VET policy framework and how it leads to more RTO business. I personally admire her for attention to detail which is of utmost important in RTO world”.

Parampreet Singh
CEO / Managing Director

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