You may be wrestling with an issue that you just can’t figure out how to address. Perhaps you’re considering an expansion and are not sure how to evaluate whether it would be viable. Maybe you’re considering moving between regulators and would like assistance making that change. You might even be considering an Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) appearance following audit and need some advice and assistance in making your case, or you may have decided that it's time to close down your RTO.

RTO Doctor is often called in to help companies identify, understand & address the unpredictable challenges that their organisations face. Sometimes you just need an independent opinion on the way forward.

We consult on issues as diverse as:

  • Strategic planning
  • Offshore delivery arrangements
  • Legal case assistance (we are not a legal service however we can work with your legal advisors or recommend those we have worked with successfully previously)
  • Managed provider default
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) appearances
  • Trainer or third party negligence
  • Due diligence for RTO purchases
  • Any other RTO related consulting need you may have… 

If you have an area that you think RTO Doctor can help your company with, contact us today so we can help your company grow and achieve its needs seamlessly.


"Several years ago our business registered as an RTO in WA and during our audit 'within 12 months', it became apparent very quickly that we needed help; we were struggling with the compliance regime as I’m sure many small RTOs experience when training is not their core business but an adjunct service. Following a review we made the decision to cease trading as an RTO and relinquish our RTO registration. This was not made lightly given the substantial costs incurred in the set up and expansion of scope etc., however it became obvious that we were failing in several areas to meet the standard required for maintaining registration and compliance.

We engaged RTO Doctor to assist with the relinquishment process, and Raelene commenced with the task of auditing and with setting up a system of reporting that would satisfy ASQA's requirements. The task became significantly greater that we had anticipated such was the nature and depth of our non-compliance; however Raelene stuck to the task, reassuring us that she would not leave us in the lurch. She was true to her word.

We chose to manage the student and client notification process ourselves, together with the relinquishment process and I’m pleased to say that both have been finalised. The fact that we were able to do so efficiently and effectively is a testimony to Raelene’s diligence in the set up phase. We would have struggled without her assistance and guidance.

We have no hesitation in preparing this testimonial for the RTO Doctor. Raelene was professional, determined and supportive during a challenging time for our business.

We wish Raelene well with the business, and would suggest that businesses experiencing difficulty with their RTO whether that be compliance issues, scope, or set up talk to RTO Doctor. For us it was invaluable and worth every penny.

Thank you Raelene."

Name withheld but available upon request from the RTO Doctor

For more information please call 0408 144 002

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