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In an effort to raise awareness in industry, RTO Doctor would like to alert its followers of the following issue.

Commercial 'Off the Shelf' Resources.
RTO Doctor is aware of a range of resources available for purchase off the shelf, some good and others that consumers are best to avoid at all costs.  It has come to our attention in recent times that there are significant issues with resources provided by a range of commonly sourced providers.  Some of these resources continue to be promoted despite the company owners being well aware that their products are non-compliant, others continue to promote their products and services despite being involved in legal proceedings.

Despite this, these companies continue to contact potential clients across the country promoting their products and selling them on their travelling roadshows and via very regular emails despite their known non-compliance, company's refusal or inability to provide refunds or rectify issues of of non-compliance when these clients undertake their State/Commonwealth regulatory audits.

Something that we commonly see is the resource provider will write something in the first pages of their documentation to state that the resource cannot be altered, etc.  Did you know that this is one of the key areas of non-compliance for training providers?  It is mandatory for providers to contextualise all training and assessment materials to their target group and individual learners, learning environments, etc. and based on the industry consultation undertaken.  We cannot emphasise strongly enough just how critical it is for providers to start making a stand against these companies who are exploiting the vulnerability of providers in need.

I have so many clients come to me for rectification work after they have purchased products like this to fix something that they shouldn't have to fix! At a time when regulators fees & charges have increased so substantially, the last thing provider's need is to purchase products with 'an audit guarantee' only to find that they are not compliant and then when it matters, not be able to obtain support or a refund from the company from whom they purchased the resources, something that sadly, we are hearing too frequently.  If this has happened to you, please contact the Department of Fair Trading, or the Consumer Protection Unit in your State/Territory and lodge a complaint or try to obtain a refund once again.  If high quality resources is something you are still looking for, contact us and let us know what you're looking for and we can help steer you in the right direction.