VET providers and practitioners wait was over today as Minister Ian MacFarlane spoke at the National Skills Summit about his vision for Vocational Education and Training. Amongst the major announcements include some good news for providers including increased investment in the sector, confirmation that regulator fees would not increased in 2014-15 and a continued focus on reducing red tape for providers. 

Minister MacFarlanes Media Release- Industry led VET reform to drive productivity gains

Minister MacFarlanes full keynote speech from National Skills Summit


There was more good news with the confirmation that Authorised Education Officers (AEOs) and the premise of Licensed Training Organisations (LTOs) have been taken off the table, in fact with the new standards referencing the VQF, it looks like the government is taking more reasonable steps to adjust the system we have now, instead of bringing in a new one as the former AVQS implied. At RTO Doctor we have just started reviewing the new standards and will in the coming weeks be releasing more comparative details, concerns, reviews and general information for providers.

Download the new Draft Standards for RTOs

Download the new Draft Standards for Regulators 


The final document released today was Price Waterhouse Coopers final report of the Australian Skills Quality Authority. The six main themes of the report were that:

  • ASQA’s existing ICT systems do not facilitate the more efficient and effective business processes for the future of ASQA as a regulator.
  • ASQA is constrained by a variety of factors in the regulatory architecture. These factors drive some process inefficiencies that impact its timeliness and transparency of operations.
  • ASQA has evolved its risk model, but requires additional data about the sector and ICT capability to deliver further improvements.
  • A lack of coordination in training package updates issued by ISCs creates unnecessary work for Providers and impacts ASQA’s operations.
  • A lack of guidance and clarity about the rules for Standards and training packages is creating unnecessary work for ASQA and Providers.
  • Communications with Providers are not fully effective.

 Read the full report here.


RTO Doctor will continue to update RTO's and practitioners with feedback on these updates and reforms. Lots of changes ahead, but don't worry, with RTO Doctor, you have help!