Licensing Agreement

Upon purchasing a product from the RTO Doctor Online Store, you agree to:

  • I agree that I am not a Consultant, nor will I  use any RTO Doctor Products for the purpose of engaging in or promoting a Consultancy activity.
  • Each transaction or purchase from the RTO Doctor Online Store by the Purchaser is bound by this Agreement.
  • Use of the RTO Doctor Online Store, including finalising the transaction to purchase & downloading or accessing  the product is interpreted as the Purchaser accepting the terms and conditions of this Licensing Agreement.
  • Using or improving any of the products is made available to the Purchaser through this Agreement, however the original intellectual property & copyright belongs to RTO Doctor.
  • All products made available through this Agreement, including the intellectual property created, discovered, created or coming into existence as a result of, or arising out of this Agreement shall be the property of RTO Doctor.
  • Ownership of the products made available through this Agreement will not become the property of the Purchaser unless the Purchaser’s account has been paid in full.
  • Where the Purchaser takes ownership of RTO Doctor products through this Agreement, they are responsible for protecting the intellectual property of RTO Doctor. The Purchaser agrees not to allow other Consultants, companies or individuals who are not employees of the Purchaser to access or use the intellectual property where it breaches the terms of this Agreement.
  • The Purchaser may copy, reproduce or implement as often as it desires the products purchased under this Agreement ONLY for the legal entity that purchased the products if the Purchaser is a company, or, in the event the Purchaser is an Individual, for their sole use.
  • Where RTO Doctor finds that the Purchaser has breached the Agreement regarding intellectual property, RTO Doctor will undertake any legal action necessary to remedy this situation.



“Intellectual Property” means all rights resulting from intellectual activity capable of protection, together with any documentation relating to such rights and interests.

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