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At RTO Doctor we have over 30 years experience working in every facet of the education sector and we continue to grow our capability so that we have the right people to help you grow yours. RTO Doctor is your answer.

  • “Raelene Bartlett is a legend in the education space.  Her knowledge of the applicable law, The Standards and her experience in acting for many hundreds of providers is without parallel.  Her dedication to her clients and her stubborn adherence to her vision of a broader, fairer and more open education space for providers sets her apart from other players in the space. She has a passion for her clients and importantly for their students and this guides her every move.


    When you work with Raelene , you understand that you are entering into a different paradigm. There is no ‘near enough is good enough’.   Perfection is the only option.  Her loyal following from her clients and has earned the fearful respect of the regulator. For that reason Raelene is to be commended for the work that she does and cannot be recommended high enough.”

    RTO Lawyer
  • “As an experienced lawyer working extensively with RTOs in their dealings with ASQA and in applications to the AAT, I have worked with Raelene helping many RTOs over many years. I can vouch for the  enthusiasm with which she tries to help each RTO. With Raelene, you know she’s in your corner, but at the same time she brings much-needed objectivity and a clear-sighted approach in advising RTOs. Her comprehensive knowledge of the VET sector, including the legislation and Standards which regulate it and the policy and approach adopted by ASQA in overseeing it, are invaluable to RTOs but also to me in formulating and implementing the right legal strategy for each client.

    Raelene is thorough in her work. She gets it done and done well. Writing is so important in this sector and I rely on an industry consultant being able to accurately and succinctly articulate the practice of a RTO and when required, to draft documents for its use in delivering its courses.  Quickly getting to grips with ASQA’s findings about the operation of a RTO and responding proactively with a winning plan is critical to my ability to help a RTO. Raelene is an excellent ally in ensuring success.”

    RTO Lawyer
  • “I have followed Raelene’s posts over the years and recently had the pleasure of getting to know her personally and professionally in her role as consultant.

    Raelene is tough, intelligent, knowledgeable and fearless when working for what is right!  She is also compassionate, caring, kind and genuinely empathic. These qualities found in one person can be rare, however I found them in Raelene.


    She is not afraid to be honest and upfront when necessary but always ready to suggest logical and intelligent solutions. I have personally found her invaluable and extremely patient as we work together through often stressful situations.  I look forward to continuing our working relationship.

    I highly recommend Raelene to anyone who values ‘Dedication’ and ‘Integrity’.”

    Kerrie Wade
    Wade Vocational Training
    Wade logo.jpg
  • “We approached Raelene when we got the cancellation notice from ASQA as we wanted someone who could combine the legal mind with compliance knowledge and help us with not only rectification but develop an overarching strategy to fight what was very obviously a wrong and out of proportion decision by ASQA. Raelene was the right choice for us in that she personally took over the project and executed it ensuring that all the responses were meticulously charted out, as well as being apt. She also stuck with us as a client till the very end ,ensuring a positive outcome unlike some in the industry who tend to bail out when things get to the hairy end.  The result was overwhelmingly positive. 

    Raelene remains one of very few people I have known with a zero error approach and capacity to do so.  
    We remain grateful to her for what she brought on the table for us and gave us not only hope but led the strategy and execution, freeing us to focus on ensuring that the wolves did not circle the RTO when under stress. Thank your Raelene and team at RTO Doctor.”


    RTO Owner
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  • Raelene changed the paradigm of how we deal with regulators. She forces them to play by the rules rather than letting them throw their weight around unchallenged. As a result, even after multiple attempts to sanction or cancel us they have never been successful. Also, Raelene has worked with our RTO to become as compliant and bullet-proof as possible.
    Now regulatory interaction is an occasional annoyance, not an existential threat.”

    RTO Owner
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  • “I’ve worked with Raelene over several years and seen first-hand her invaluable assistance in reforming RTOs to prepare for proceedings in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, and helping me to prepare for hearings. Her knowledge, diligence and attention to detail are first-rate, and I would happily recommend her to any RTO.”

    Travis Mitchell
  • “With our RTO facing a cancellation decision by ASQA at Tribunal and having already engaged and worked with 4 different compliance consultants, it was with great fortune we were referred to Raelene Bartlett Founding Director of RTO Doctor to assist us with our fight with ASQA. As we worked closely with Raelene, we felt a sense of relief that we had finally found a consultant that didn't claim to know compliance but , actually knew compliance!!! 

    The work we undertook with Raelene for our response submissions to ASQA was enlightening and we wondered how and why our previous consultants were not imparting the calibre of knowledge nor delivering to the required standards that needed to be met. 

    Raelene's approach to compliance is exceptionally multi faceted not only does she address non-compliances, Raelene  also has incredible foresight to ensure continued compliance which one can only possess through her passion and experience within the VET sector. Raelene has been instrumental in winning our case after 2 years with ASQA and we have no hesitation in recommending her and RTO Doctor .

    We want to thank Raelene for saving our RTO and look forward to engaging her for all our future compliance/audit  needs!”

    Name withheld
    RTO Owner
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  • "It gives me great pleasure to provide this reference for Raelene Bartlett, the RTO Doctor.
    I have known Raelene since 2009 when she was with the Department of Education Services, International and Higher Education Regulation in Perth and she assisted us with our initial CRICOS application. I have read many of her articles over the years and I can attest to her knowledge and skills in the
    Vocational Education Sector.

    Latterly my RTO underwent a very stressful audit and I had no hesitation in asking for Raelene's assistance in dealing with the issues which arose from that audit. Her knowledge and advice and support to our RTO over this period has been priceless not only in terms of the specifics of the audit but also because of her support and care for the health and mental wellbeing for both me and my wife.
    There is no doubt that Raelene is the ultimate professional with meticulous attention to detail, and during our audit, my whole team learned so much about the Regulators. Our training has always been the best in Western Australia but on some occasions, our paperwork has not been as clear as it should
    be or it doesn't fu lfil the Regulator's interpretation of the Standards which in many cases are different from an RTOS.

    Raelene's methodical approach to tackling tough and sometimes unpleasant issues has helped us stay on the path and educated all of us how to properly put together information required by the regulators.

    I can say that my RTO is a much better RTO with a much greater understanding of the Standards and Regulatory interpretations because of Raelene's driving force and focus on compliance. The compliance knowledge of all of my team is much greater with Raelene's assistance.
    I have no hesitation in recommending Raelene not only as a very skilled consultant but also as an an extremely valuable member of my team."


    James Ryan
    Equanimity Consultants Pty Ltd Chief Executive Officer
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  • “As the owner and CEO of a national training company specialising in Telecommunications training we have hadmany opportunities to use Raelene’s services.

    Raelene has worked closely with me on two major projects and was instrumental in helping me rebuild our latest RTO.

    I have always found Raelene to be personable, knowledgeable and very pragmatic in her approach to our business.

    I would, without hesitation recommend Raelene to any RTO who required her help or guidance.”

    Carl Holmes
    Managing Director, Comtech Training
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  • “I have been fortunate enough to have worked alongside Raelene for years, as associates, partners and as each other's clients.  

    Raelene is the consummate professional and her expertise, advice and guidance is impeccable, trusted and reliable.

    Raelene's years of experience and qualifications can assure you of the best service and total assurance.” 

    Sarah Cordiner
    Qualified Workforce Development Consultant & Course Creation Specialist (BA Hons Ed & PGCE Ed)
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  • “Raelene’s knowledge of the VET sector and its requirements is invaluable.  She is across current industry standards  and helps business focus on the important issues. The professional and hard working attitude to her assignments and attention to detail,  make her work and advice a step above our previous consultants. She offers practical solutions to assist with the running of the business.   No stone is left unturned with Raelene and you feel confident that all bases are covered. 

    Thank you for your help Raelene

    AWTS logo.jpg
  • “Raelene from RTO Doctor has worked with numerous mutual clients over the years and has always been very dedicated no matter what the circumstance. Raelene is extremely passionate about the VET industry and compliance and always strives for high standards of quality.” 

    Katie Mackay
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  • “We had the wonderful opportunity of working with Raelene in respect to a legal proceeding that required in-depth technical assessment of a registered training organisation and the vocational education and training industry as a whole.  Raelene was a pleasure to work with.  She has a keen eye for detail and does her utmost to turn around work in a timely fashion, making herself available and approachable at even the most inconvenient of hours. 

    Her broad range of knowledge and in-depth experience in the field is impressive, and is only second to her passion for the field and her clients.”

  • Hi Raelene,

    "Just want to say a big thank you for all the expert advice and support you provided in relation to our latest CRICOS compliance project. As a software vendor, providing software that meets the legal and compliance requirements of the industry is always a black art for us. Thanks to your consulting services we are now able to boast that our solution is fit-for-purpose and compliant. With your help and guidance through the minefield of legal and compliance standards we were able to focus on our strengths, assured that our solution would provide our customers with solution that was compliant with all standards legal frameworks and operating procedures for international colleges and VET providers.

    We look forward to working with you on future projects."

    Bruno Cozzi
    MD, Bluegem Software
  • "I would like to testify that we engaged Raelene Bartlett to conduct an Audit on our Registered Training Organisation, it was invaluable gave us the direction in which we need to steer the department moving forward. It was at the time of staff changes and introducing new staff to our Student Management system.

    From the time Raelene had conducted and reported the audit, we have been able to move forward very positively."

    Paul Rowell
    Executive Director, My Flex Health International
  • “Raelene has all the necessary skills and expertise to provide effective consulting to RTOs. I have witnessed her ability to help training organisations with compliance related issues first hand during my time as a RTO owner and now as a software provider for the industry.”

    Ali Kadri
    Founder – Cloudemy
  • “Raelene has unparalleled experience in monitoring compliance of RTOs. Upon receipt by an RTO of an unfavourable audit report from ASQA, Raelene knows how to jump right in and identify the issues. ASQA audit reports are not for the faint hearted! They are often lengthy documents and they are difficult to understand. Raelene's expertise in understanding the finer details of ASQA audit reports means that she knows how to break down each allegation of non-compliance and analyse the evidence relied upon by ASQA in forming an unfavourable conclusion.

    Raelene helps RTOs to understand the basis for a finding of non-compliance and then helps RTOs rectify the alleged non-compliances. She prepares sophisticated evidence reports to provide to ASQA, and she works collaboratively with solicitors and barristers to give evidence before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal where required.”

  • "RTO Doctor would have to be the most effective and incisive consulting firm in the field. Raelene's approach is thorough, uses evidence based decision making processes and is invariably accurate. 


    I have found that she also clearly understands the interface between statutory requirements and operational needs. Her level of commitment to clients is without peer." 

    Brett Hilder
    Argos Consulting
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  • "Raelene provided excellent professional service in the submission of our accreditation document. Not only did she provide detailed advice (backed by thoroughly researched evidence) she also took special care in discovering comprehensive information about the subject matter of our qualification. This enabled her to provide sound guidance in the further development of our qualification.

    Extra personal care was taken to ensure that we were happy with the work that was intermittently completed on a regular basis; often keeping in contact after hours to ensure our satisfaction. Raelene put systems into place and set deadlines so that we could also view the development of her work and be as engaged as possible in the process of getting the course accredited.

    The work completed by Raelene (and RTO Doctor) was thorough and meticulous. Although she took on the responsibility of completing the agreed task, we were very much a part of the process, learning as time went on. She was open to our suggestions whilst also providing advice on compliance and best practice. After service communication has also been excellent and we have no hesitation in using RTO Doctor moving forward."

    Stella Bachtis
    Australian Skills Development Institute
    ASDI logo.png
  • "Hi Raelene,

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much for all of your loving support & guidance over the last week. Closing an RTO is one of the most stressful experiences I have been through in my ten years as a successful small business owner. I don't know what would have happened if you weren't there every step of the way to ensure that this paper work nightmare was compliant.

    I wish I met you when I first started my RTO & was my advisor from the beginning as the last six years would have been far less stressful. 

    As a niche specialist who has mastered her craft & loves teaching others to follow their passion its my dream job, but wrapping my head around the never ending changing policies of ASQA is definitely not for the faint hearted.

    One of the best lessons Ive learnt from this experience is to get the best advisors possible as the wrong advice can cost you thousands of dollars & also leave you feeling lost & confused. 

    Raelene you are a superstar & a working maniac that doesn't stop until the job is done! I love your commitment to your clients xxx

    Your number one RTO fan"

    Michelle Merrifield
    Essence of Living
  • "It has been an incredible journey this last year, I would just like to thank you for making the impossible a reality.

    Without you, changing the history in Pathology collection would not have been possible. You have developed a course that is second to none and I will take great pride in delivering this to my future students.

    The industry and public can only benefit from the outcome that can now be delivered.

    Again thank you and I look forward to working with you as we complete the next chapter of history in the making" The Diploma""

    Carolann Law
    Director, South West School of Phlebotomy
    South West School of Phlebotomy.jpg
  • "I have worked with a number of consultants over the years but RTO Doctor has been by far the best. The reasons are, the personalised service that she gave us and the flexibility that she showed in enabling us to meet industry requirements.
    In my view the knowledge that she brings to the audit process is first class. She clearly understands the industry requirements and the related government legislations and she is able to apply this information to practical situations. Personally I learnt a great deal through the discussions that we had and the advice that she gave me.

    On a personal note I found Raelene was someone who was willing and able to help with any inquiry that related to accreditation and compliance. Her support was very much appreciated."

    Rathini Sonnadara
    St John Ambulance WA Training Operations Manager
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